“Unfortunately I need help. I live on a fixed income and I’ve been really struggling with bills – always got to play catch up because I’m trying to keep up with my spectrum bill to keep working internet for the kids schooling don’t feel comfortable sending them due to the corona virus so hoping I get some help so they have a good Christmas and see the smiles on there faces”

Child #1: Girl, Age 15, Make up, cell phone, queen size sheets, blanket & comforter, pants small women’s, medium women’s shirts, shoes 7 women, her favorite color is hot pink not sure if she is to old for help

Child #2: Girl, Age 9, The only thing she has asked for is a Nintendo switch but she likes dolls and lol surprise stuff, she also likes action figures, her favorite color is blue, she has a full size sheets & blanket, size 18/20 leggings in girls and her shirts med women’s, her shoe size is mens 8

Child #3: Boy, Age 6, He likes action figures, Ryan’s world, nerf gunsm he is still in a toddler bed, pants 7/8 as well as shirts, favorite color is red, shoe size is 2 kids

Child #4: Girl, Age 6, She wants dolls, doll furniture, a kitchen set, she likes jojo siwa, lol surprise, she also is in a toddler bed, pants 7/8 shirts as well, shoe size is 2, kids favorite color is pink

Child #5: Boy, Age 5, He wants action figures, nerf guns, he likes dinosaurs and hot wheels, he is a 7 pants as well as shirts, his shoe size is 1, he is also in a toddler bed his favorite color is blue

Child #6: Boy, Age 3, He wants action figures, nerf guns, blocks, he also like spider man, 5t in clothes, shoes size 11, he is in a toddler bed, also favorite color is red

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