“Hi I am a single mom of two. I also take my son’s half brother Xmas as he doesn’t get anything really from his parents so if possible. Don’t want him to be left out. I don’t have any family or friends that are really willing to help me so I am limited to daycare hours on when I can work. My kids father is no help as well. I live paycheck to paycheck and with my daughter being on spectrum and my son’s a toddler. They require a lot of my attention which limits my funds. This year has been especially hard because of having to buy more food and higher bills with daughter home during the day. I would be grateful for any help for Christmas.”

Child #1: Girl, Age 13, She is a 2xl in women’s shirts likes t-shirts or hoodies and only wears stretchy pants size 17-19, she could use a towel as we really don’t have many. She likes unicorns and scary movies like it and also likes sponge bob she loves to read and specifically has asked for creepy pasta books as she has read all the goosebumps already and loved them and Size 10 women wide sneakers but again grateful for anything loves to draw

Child #2: Boy, Age 2, He would love anything blues clues and drawing with washable crayons. He really could use a winter hat and gloves preferably mittens if possible again he is two so typical boy likes cars likes balls wears size 8 sneakers or boots and 2t Clothes

Child #3: Boy, Age 14, Xl really just asked for hoodies name brand or Mario, joker Mavel or mind craft, or scary movies theme. Again grateful for anything though both teens love all horror characters like it chunky Freddy sorry their obsessed lol but again also typical teens.

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