“Got my hours reduced due to covid and my 5 year old daughter got it so she’s been very sick lately so I have to be missing work. I’m a single parent to four children from age 15 to 5”

Child #1: Boy, Age 15, Clothes medium in men’s and medium in pants 30 pants weist and 8 1/2 in shoes PlayStation cards

Child #2: Boy, Age 13, Size small in men’s and small in pants size 29 in pants size 6 in sneakers PlayStation cards

Child #3: Girl, Age 12, Size xsmall in women’s and 27 in pants size 6 in sneakers and make up

Child #4: Girl, Age 5, Size small in pants and shirts size 11 in sneakers she loves dolls strollers stuff to color barbies she’s my miracle baby born at 31 weeks with only one lung develop fully and already had COVID so because of her is made it so hard for me to work

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