“I lost my dad Oct 2019. Then had to go through the holidays without him for the first time for my kids. He had always helped me out financially especially during the holiday season. I’ve been taking care of my mom since then. I have been working during the pandemic only making a few cents over minimum wage. However somehow I was told I made to much to get any help. Losing my dad really affected my kids. Then covid then no school. No friends interaction. No teacher interaction. Inside 98% of the time. Really good kids. Kind hearted and always willing to help. I have also been taking care of my mom since dads passing. A bit behind on rent due to the pandemic and was hoping to provide a memorable Christmas for them, Thank you in advance.”

Child #1: Boy, Age 12, Shirt size is medium in young men, graphic tee shirts, hoodies, Pants size is large in young men or 34×34, joggers or sweats, Shoe size is 9 in men, Socks are 9-11 in men, Undergarments are large in men; Wants a Nintendo switch. Would love a Naruto bed set size twin. Loves to collect long socks, and wants a new TV that has apps already built in

Child #2: Girl, Age 9, Shirt size is xl or 16 in girls, Pants size is xl or 16 in girls (joggers, leggings, sweats), Shoe size is 5.5 in big kids, Socks are junior section, Undergarments are xl or 16 in girls; Wants a Nintendo switch, would love a tik tok bed set size twin. Loves to do her nails. American doll and kit. Poopsie surprise. She also asked for a Bluetooth hover board.

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