“2020 has been a terrible year. COVID started it off and we lost my father in law just at the beginning of (the pandemic). From there everything went down hill. I ended up with flu and strep, heart and neurological issues. Both my husband and I were essential, that is until I was placed on medical leave May 1st. I am still on leave and it is undetermined if they will be approving long term disability. I was diagnosed with a recurrent spinal tumor, currently inoperable where it is, but it looks to be benign. I had to have surgery on my neck (this past summer of 2020) for other reasons. My better half ended up in the hospital the beginning of October with a blood clot in his neck. My oldest daughter got COVID and thankfully beat it, but she has lasting effects of the virus. My children have had many disappointments this year. They lost their grandfather, almost lost their father. No vacations, sleepovers , friend visits, and they are 100% virtual with school. I want to be able to give our children as good a Christmas as possible, but money is limited. My better half lost time at work, my disability only goes so far. Any money we do get in goes straight to bills. We are a family who typically gives back during the holidays and it breaks my heart that we will have to pass these type of lists by. I don’t know if we can even take a star from the tree at church to help a child in the community. Any help we can get is very much appreciated. My children are my world and I love to see them smile. We are a six person family- mom, dad, three daughters and a son. My better half and I have been together 20 years. “

Ages withheld for privacy purposes

Child #1: Girl, Loves make-up, silver jewelry, infinity scarves, Bath and Body type sprays, blanket – she is always cold. Needs clothes – XS women’s black leggings, XS oversized sweaters. Knit hat. Loves blue, red, black. Women’s XS winter jacket

Child #2: Girl, Loves Bath and Body sprays, anything Stitch (Disney), makeup, art supplies, Taylor Swift, any musical items, shoes/boots size 7.5 – 8 womens. Needs clothes – women’s large tops, Large leggings and size 6/8 jeans. Bras – 38DD. Winter jacket women’s large. Loves purple.

Child #3: Girl, Loves anything Billie Eilish, llamas, sloths, silver earrings (must be silver due to metal allergy), silly room decorations. Needs – womens medium shirts (prefers darker colors and subtle prints), womens medium leggings black and size 4/6 jeans. Winter coat size medium (likes the puffy one in Walmart for $24). Bras – 36C. She loves oversized hoodies. Loves pink

Child #4: Boy, Loves WWE toys, Xbox gift cards (needs new controller for his XBOX and wireless charging station), anything dogs and gaming. Needs – Boys size XXL (18) shirts or men’s small, joggers boys size 16/18, jeans size 16/18. Socks- men’s 7. Boys winter coat size 16/18. He loves fleece shirts/jackets and hoodies. Loves blue and red.

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