“I worked in the nursing field and due to high risk pregnancy I had to step away while I’m carrying my bundle of joy. My husband works but it just pays bills and a little food due to this pandemic it’s been hard trying to apply for help with food from SNAP and all so I’m just on a tight squeeze trying to get my children a good Christmas and thanksgiving this year.”

Child #1: Girl, Age 14, Towels, lotion, body wash, hair supplies and hair straightener, blow dryer, deodorant women’s medium pants underwear size women medium she tiny, socks

Child #2: Boy, Age 12, Bed, pillow, deodorant, underwear men’s large, paints 36 men’s 36/34 , shirt men’s small loves baseball, towel socks

Child #3: Boy, Age 8, Bed, pillow , deodorant, towel, loves wrestling, baseball ,paints size 30 /30 and size youth 16 shoe size 6.5, socks

Child #4: Baby-Not-Yet-Born, Bottles, pacifiers, blankets, soap, lotion, nail clipper, brush, shampoo, conditioner, towels

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