“I recently went through a domestic violence case against my ex. He attacked myself and my two older children which one moved away to his dad’s until his dad had a heart attack and passed away on Mother’s Day. I did get the attacker out of the house and have a restraining order against him but share two small children with him. He left me with 3 months of unpaid rent. My son’s father’s passing hit him hard and has been severely depressed since. He also lost his grandpa a month before on Easter due to Covid. Money is extremely tight and I’m trying to catch up on rent so I don’t have much. I recently became ill myself with high blood pressure and have been in and out of cardiac care and now on meds due to living life with hypertension due to my ex being aggressive towards myself and my older children. I’m also pregnant so it’s definitely been a hard year. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you and Have a wonderful holiday”

Child #1: Boy, Age 15, He enjoys anime stuff, he has a ps4 and likes anime games and fighting games. He loves god of war, enjoys building legos, and Star Wars items. He likes to read anime books also. He also wants headphones. He needs size medium underwear, large boys long sleeve shirts or size small men’s shirts as he keeps wearing his fathers shirts. Socks 9 1/2, and snow boots 9 1/2

Child #2: Girl, Age 8, She loves JoJo Siwa and wants anything related to her. She asked for Bobo the dog which is JoJos dog. She enjoys arts and crafts, makeup, nail polish and Minnie Mouse stuff and a sled. She loves to read. She needs size 10 leggings, size 3 snow boots, twin sheets and socks size 3 and a winter hat

Child #3: Girl, Age 5, She’s obsessed with Frozen. Loves coloring books and play doh. Wants a sled also. And also loves arts and crafts and also loves to read. She needs size 6 pants, snow boots size 11, twin sheets and a winter hat

Child #4: Boy, Age 3, He loves Paw Patrol, Hot wheels & Trucks. He needs snow pants size 4t, 4t Long sleeve shirts and pants 4t. He also needs snow boots size 9 and socks size 9

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