“Hi! I am a single parent and currently pregnant. I have a decrease of income due to covid. I am trying to balance bills and Christmas for the kids”

Child #1: Girl, Age 5, Size 7/8 clothing; She loves LOLs, barbies, and baby dolls. She is starting to get into the toy makeup and hair accessories as well

Child #2: Girl, Age 12, Size 0 or 1 in women’s for jeans, and size small for shirts. She loves make up, nails, lotions and perfumes, a bunch of blankets. She’s also looking for the fuzzy slipper socks!

Child #3: Girl, Age 14, Size 2 women jeans, and size small/medium shirts
She’s looking for sweaters, sketch books and pencils, fuzzy blankets, nails, and possibly a gift card or something from hot topic

Child #4: Boy, Age 17, Size XL shirts 34/34 jeans. He likes blankets with wolfs, colognes and deodorants, he can use some new underwear, and he enjoys playing with remote controlled cars

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