“Hello. This year has been a hard year with hardship. I almost lost my son who was injured he had to get surgery and blood transfusions to save his life he had to be in ICU for over a week so we had to tend to his needs first. Me and my husband are also disabled so we only make enough money to put food on the table and some bills please if anyone can help my family out this Christmas that would be greatly appreciated”

Child #1: Boy, Age 18, He likes cologne, Deodorant, Socks, clothing his size is XL and 34/34 pants sweaters

Child #2: Girl, Age 14, She likes nail polish fake nails, clothes size 2 womens and small in shirts also likes supernatural stuff, Perfume, bath stuff, makeup

Child #3: Girl, Age 13, She loves leggings clothes fake nails bath stuff hair things bath and body works her size is 1 jeans small in leggings shirt is size small she also likes fake jewelry

Child #4: Girl, Age 5, She likes paw patrol Barbies clothes unicorns LOL stuff clothes size is 7

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