“I have four sons, and while I use to supplement the income of my husband by being a DoorDash driver, due to the pandemic I am unable to do so. Three of my four sons have IEPs and require constant help with schooling from home and are all using borrowed school devices. My husband has also had a reduction of work, since he works in a food warehouse that mainly distributed goods to restaurants and grocery stores. As restaurants continue to close their doors, the amount of work steadily decreases, and the hours of work keep being decreased as well”

Child #1: Boy, Age 17, is incredibly musical… has taught self to play keyboard, guitar, harmonica, and Otamatone. He is a men’s large in shirts, a 34 or 36 x 32 in pants (really likes the fit of old navy jeans), and size 11 in shoes. His favorite colors are blue and red. This child is incredibly hard to shop for, so any type of gift card of Walmart or Amazon would be best for him although clothes are always appreciated. He’s very clumsy and often loses things like gloves, so they’re also always a good idea!

Child #2: Age 13, is on the spectrum and obsessed with Roblox, Minecraft, and GTA. He is a men’s small in shirts and pants… he dislikes the feel of jeans and prefers cargo style sweat pants or sports style like basketball shorts material, he is a size 7 in shoes, and his favorite color is orange. This kid is in need of pants, as he is really rough on his clothes and tears them easily. He is also aft raid of the dark, so anything that can help with that in a mature way would be appreciated

Child #3: Boy, Age 7, is also on the spectrum and obsessed with art, drawing and painting are his favorite. He is a boys 10-12 in shirts and pants, a size 3 in shoes, and his favorite color is green. While art supplies are ideal for this child, he would also enjoy a Starbelly Dreamy Green Dino and could use a new book bag since he recently broke the zipper on his Minecraft one he is using on days he attends in person

Child #4: Boy, Age 6, has a speech delay and a sensory reception delay. He is easily put off by certain textures, but is absolutely obsessed with science type stuff… anything to do with the planets are his favorite. He is a boys 6-7 in shirts and pants, a size 13 in shoes, and his favorite color is royal blue. His only requests this year are for a Shark Happy Napper, a Starbelly Cuddly Blue Puppy, and Blue’s Clues & You! Dance-Along Blue Plush (it has a mini guitar with it for blue to play)… The theme here being everything is cuddly soft and some variation of blue!

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