“We are on SSI. I have two kids hard making ends meet this year I have a multiple handicapped son that has a lot of needs so I would like to give my kids a good Christmas this year we are a family of 4 we are both unemployed”

Child #1: Girl, Age 15, crafts and puzzles comforters full size for bed shampoo and conditioner Jeggings size womans xxlarge she likes black and blues in color wise a lite weight sweater again in the black and blues family sweat shirts woman’s xxxlarge any color in the blue and black family

Child #2: Boy, Age 13, comforter twin size sweatpants cargo or normal any color size mens large sweat shirts again any color size mens x large socks black color preferred if not any color is fine winter coat mens large floor puzzles and he likes match box cars and he likes coloring

(Edit: Wisher’s niece will be with her through the holidays and is in need) Child #3: Girl, Age 7, She likes barbies, lol dolls and legos, She needs a blanket (twin size) and walmart gift card so I can get her some clothes (I am not sure what size she is that’s why I said gift card to walmart so that I can ask her mom what size she is or just take her to get some clothes that she may need or want)

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