“We have been having a tough time we can use gift cards for groceries my child has lots of different allergies and has to have a very specific diet so gift cards are so much easier. Thank you …anything will mean so mush to us and our special needs little girl”

Child #1: Girl, Age 5, Needs, Clothes size 9/10, ***underwear seamless girls size 10 prefer boy shorts or briefs (has sensory issues with clothing), thin pajama sets like cuddle duds that are thin and warm (no fleece sensory issues), black dress shoes size 13- 13 1/2, bed in a bag kids comfort sets (example frozen, tells, lol dolls, princesses theme comfort set), google home mini for bedtime doe southing sounds for sensory issues, winter fury slippers with rubber soles, clip on colorful fake hair, lol dolls, na na na dolls, any princesses dolls, shopkins dolls, Bike helmet and pads in a girly theme in pink or purple

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