“It’s really been a heck of a year for me. I was just divorced last year, and just moved on my own with my 3 kids. It’s been very challenging physically for me because I have Crohn’s disease, and the stress of everything has made my Crohn’s disease really bad this year. To top it all off, right in the beginning of my divorce… my mother had an aneurysm and unfortunately passed away. Having an autoimmune system disorder during a pandemic has been very challenging because autoimmune disorders are triggered by stress. To top it all off, my ex hasn’t been paying his child support, so I’m
behind on everything. Anything for my kids during the holidays would be appreciated beyond words. Like I’m not even sure how to explain how appreciated it would be. Knowing the divorce just happened, and the loss of their “Nana” has just be terrible to watch. Gift cards are always great because I can get them what they need. Anything would be greatly appreciated. It really really has been an extremely tough year. Mentally, emotionally and unfortunately physically because of my illness. Thank you for taking the time during the holidays to read these wishes. Whoever you are, you are truly an angel on Earth. Thank you and God Bless.”

Child #1: Girl, Age 13, She honestly is tall and needs basics like clothes, socks, underwear, winter hat, winter boots, winter gloves. She likes the skinny in style jeans, size 2 or 4 (women’s), tops size small (forever 21, hollister style) underwear size small. Size 9 in sneakers or boots. gray/black/white color scheme for clothes or shoes. She would also love a gift card to anywhere really. And she needs jammies, size women’s small. Gift card are perfect!

Child #2: Boy, Age 10, He would love anything related to video games or LEGO sets. Or something to build or put together. Maybe a model car. He also needs jeans. He’s a size 14 slim. He could use shirts too, size 14. Classic boy look. Like jeans and a sweatshirt or sweater, with boots or sneakers. He could use sweatpants too. Size 12. He could use boots, size 5. He also needs jammies. Boys size 14. He likes board games too. Gift cards are perfect!

Child #3: Girl, Age 8, She needs underwear size 8 kids. She could use black leggings, size 8 and long sleeve shirts, size 10. She could use jammies, size 10. She would love a Barbie or baby. He dream
Present is a “silicone baby” but would love any baby doll or stroller. She could use a winter hat too. Gift cards are perfect!

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