“I just lost my job and just 2 weeks ago and I played all my bills because I did not want to get behind in my rent. Thank you so much this will be a great help and I appreciate anything you get.”

I live in low income housing. My son who is 13 has conversion disorder. He is on a fixed income. I am a home health aid but I lost my job 2 weeks ago. I have no money. I am paying for tutoring for me and my children. My 13 year old son’s fathers is in jail and my daughter’s father is laid of because  of the pandemic and he does not get no more money as of Tuesday. I have a son who is 21 and I raise my children on my own. My MHA worker who is a sweetheart  seen this and thought maybe give it a try. I usually  get behind in my bills and get Christmas but this year I decided to pay my bills and be on time. It felt  good not knowing I was going to lose my job right after. Anything will help. I just feel so bad that I can’t do that much for Christmas. We had a lot of lost family this year and a lot of things happening. My son was in a wheelchair last year and could not really enjoy Christmas. To be honest his anxiety was so high the light would amaze him and he would fall in the tree. I am happy for the little things but I usually have more gifts. He breaks a lot of toys so he don’t get to enjoy some new stuff at least a scooter. His worker brought him one over the summer but it was missing a piece it is still in the closet if I get that fixed that would be nice thank you so much.”

My son wears a medium men my daughter  is in xl small

Child #1: Girl, Age 8, Bike plush doll lol dolls, clothes size medium, womens 9.5 in shoes

Child #2: Boy, Bike scooter hygiene equipment, clothes size medium in mens, 10 men sneakers

Child #3: Young Man, Age 21, He wants dress shirts for a new job, a slim extra large dress shoes size 12, dress pants, nail clipper, clothes size medium in mens

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