“Hello I’m a single mother of three wonderful boys we have been though the ringer we left a abusive home where their father was the abuser my oldest suffers from PTSD anxiety my middle one also suffers with Anxiety my youngest one is too young to understand what is going on my oldest has tried several attempts to end his life at the time I was working I just Got left go due to not having a responsible babysitter for my children with the old is he needs to be watched 24 seven this Christmas I’m just hoping to put smiles on their face they’ve been through so much and I feel like they’re stronger than me sometimes their biological father does not pay any sense of Child Support our apartment takes up all of our money so does Central Hudson. My boys are easy-going loving kids they have been through so much this year and I just want to get back to them this is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do and I hate asking for help I feel like a failure at times but I know that my kids know that I try my hardest we are survivors and we are so thankful”

Child #1: Boy, Age 13, Xbox one gift card, Socks, He loves LEGO’s
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