Family #482: WALDEN, ORANGE COUNTY – – – WISH MET!!!

“This year, we have come close to losing so many things. After another spine surgery and limited income from lack of child support, disability, my mom passing away, my daughter wrecking her car it’s been hard for us to make it work every week and month. With my teenager struggling with depression and anxiety and being limited to our ability financially we are trying to make the best of the holidays. Any help to put a nice dinner on the table and a few little things for my girls 17 and 7 would be deeply appreciated. I am single and want them to still know they are special. Merry Christmas”

Child #1: Girl, Age 7, Size 8 sweaters, pants, loves games

Child #2: Girl, Age 17, Mainly toiletries, shampoo conditioner deodorant, hat scarf gloves socks, gift cards so she can pick out clothes

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