“I have 4 lovely children that are looking forward to Santa but there is just a lot going on this year things are very hard rite now. My fiancé lost his job 6 months ago. He has been trying to get things going but it just gets us by. Our family has been struggling with our bills. We are behind so badly that we may be getting evicted come January. We are trying our best I have 4 he has five of his own so we are struggling so bad we get no help from family or friends.”

Child #1: Baby Boy, Age 1, 24 months clothes, Toddler toys, Size 6 diapers

Child #2: Boy, Age 4, Tablet, Trucks jacket, Cars and boy toys, 5t clothing

Child #3: Girl, Age 9, Lol stuff, Size 8p clothes, Phone, Dolls, Toys

Child #4: Girl, Age 7, 7p clothing, Lol toys, Size 7 jacket, Size 1 boots

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