“I am hoping for my kids to have a Christmas. I was in a car accident over the summer that totaled our new car just got it 1 month prior & a lady hit me doing 50 mph totaled my car, my nerves, and I’m previously disabled so hurt my neck & spine even more & with Covid it was hard to get into the doctor. I’m a single mom and the girls father is extremely disabled had quadruple bypass and arterial replacement so $ is very tight. I get food stamps and am a live in HHA which is why I don’t pay rent.
I hope to get adopted so my girls can have a nice Christmas”

Child #1: Girl, Age 6, Needs clothes size 7-8, Shoes size 1, Slippers & pjs
Lego dots, Lol omg dolls, Bedding Queen size, Sled

Child #2: Girl, Age 8, Needs clothes size 9, Shoes 2, Slippers & Pjs, Twin size sheets, Lego friends, Drone, Mario kart home edition, Nintendo Switch case, Sled

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