“I have 2 kids 4 nephews and two God kids I’m currently working at (a retail store) and make only $200-250 every 2 weeks sometimes less than that. I help buy food and pay for bills and personal things diapers wipes clothes etc. I just want to bring Christmas home especially In these hard times honestly anything helps and Is greatly appreciated. God bless you all.”

Child #1: Girl, Age 9, Barbie car, Fluffy blanket, Lip gloss, nail polish, bath bombs, LOL surprise dolls (no boys), Anything to do with Stitch (Blue alien from Lilo &Stitch), Play dough set

Child #2: Girl, Age 2, Blue Clues stuffy (noises prefered but not mandatory)
Fisher price game controller (Walmart), Anything Minnie Mouse (doctor set), Baby doll (not too big, softer side pls)

Child #3: Boy, Age 11, Sports equipment (football baseball bat etc)
Electronic dinosaur/car, Lego set, Build yourself car/air plane, Blue tooth speaker (nothing expensive), Fortnite (anything)

Child #4: Boy, Age 8, Fluffy cat pillow or fuzzy blanket, Build it yourself Lego set, Blue tooth speaker (nothing expensive), Play dough/Kinectic sand, Fort nite (Anything), Toy cars/trucks

Child #5: Boy, Age 6, Lego set, Bluetooth speakers (nothing expensive)
Play dough set/kinetic sand, Nerf gun, Electronic car/animal/Dinosaur,
Fornite (anything)

Child #6: Byo, Age 6, Nerf gun. Lego set, Batman toys or spiderman action figure, Play dough set, Fornite (anything), Fire truck/police set

Child #7: Boy, Age 4, Fire truck set, Train set / police set, Electronic toys (car dinosaur etc), Paw patrol stuffy (chase rubel marshall), Spongebob anything

Child #8: Girl, Age 2, Barbie’s (princess Ariel/Aurora), Baby doll (Blonde hair blue eyes), Baby doll stroller crib or clothes, Minnie mouse stuffed toy (noise no noise doesn’t matter), Fuzzy unicorn Minnie mouse or mermaid blanket

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