“I’m a single mom with 3 kids and I have no money to get them anything for Christmas or even have Christmas dinner. Christmas makes me so upset and depressed cause I can’t get my kids anything. They cut me off food stamps I only get social security and it’s only 600 a month and it all goes to my rent my kids are all teenagers and they always say mom don’t worry we understand I try but it’s hard not to”

Child #1: Young Woman, Ages 18, Hair stuff and perfume and lotion and she loves diamond painting she loves animals her clothes are extra large socks gloves deodorant suave underwear boots size 9 scarf

Child #2: Girl, Age 16, Arts and crafts playstation cards clothes are a large socks underwear lotion perfume deodorant suave hair stuff and she loves animals gloves boots size 8 1/2 scarf likes diamond painting

Child #3: Girl, Age 13, Coat large boots size 8 gloves shirt size large socks underwear pillow gloves scarf perfume and lotion hair stuff she still plays with baby dolls and barbies likes to play games playstation cards likes diamond painting

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