“Last month, I had to sliced my hand open and was out of work for 2 weeks, and without our income, it’s hard for the bills to get paid. I started making making payments to catch up on the bills, but then my co workers came in contact with covid positive patients and we were out of work again for a week. It’s Hard to catch up the bills and I’m trying to, but I’m not getting a break when it comes to working.”

Child #1: Boy, Age 10, Needs sneakers size 2, shirts 10, pants 10, socks, and wants art supplies, and board games

Child #2: Boy, Age 8, Sneakers size 1, pants 8, socks, and wants minecraft, fortnite, and ninja toys.

Child #3: Boy, Age 5, Needs sneakers size 11 toddler, pants size 5, socks, underwear , shirts 5. Likes the flash and ninja turtles

Child #4: Girl, Age 5, Sneakers size toddler 9, underwear, shirts 5, pants 5, socks, princess toys, cocomelon, unicorns

Child #5: Boy, Age 16, Needs Shirts size XL, shoes size 11, pants size XL or 36

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