“Please read my go fund me…here’s my link with my current situation. . I suffer with multiple chronic illnesses and I’m struggling to make ends meet. I’m out of leave at work, I’ve gone through all of my savings and I cant collect unemployment because I’m recovering from a major surgery. I dont qualify for NYS disability because I work for the federal govt. I applied for federal disability, but that can take forever. The medical costs for copays, insurance premiums, & medications is just overwhelming. I have a 10 year old son and a 16 year old daughter at home. We are 8 days until Christmas and I have no idea how I’m gonna scrape up enough money to pay the January rent, or the internet service they need for school, let alone get them anything at all for Christmas. It breaks my heart in a million pieces because they have been nothing short of amazing while I’ve been slowly recovering. Ive had a few post OP complications, and they also discovered in my pre OP bloodwork that I have prolacticemia, which can cause a brain tumor on the pituitary gland. It was discovered very early, so my MRI shows no mass, thank God! These kids take the very best care of me, and the two of them make sure the dishes and laundry and housework is done while maintaining their schoolwork until I’m able to do so again. Never a complaint from them. They are truly the very best mini adults ever. My husband and I separated earlier this year, and even though we are trying to work it out, we don’t live together, and he has helped me as much as he possibly can. I’ve exhausted all of my resources and I cant even go back to work until February or March, maybe. And when I do, I have to repay 240 hours of borrowed sick time for the 12 months I’ve been out of work by then. I’m severely immunocompromised and I work in the public. Covid exposure will kill me. So I’m stuck. How do you tell the most amazing kids on earth that you failed as a mother and a provider? I’m at a loss for that answer. I need help and I don’t know where God will provide it from, but I believe in miracles, especially at Christmas time. If you can help us, it would be a huge blessing. They are both acutely aware that the likelihood of having gifts under the tree is non existent. Neither of them asked for anything this year. I’m 13 days post OP, I cant drive yet, and I don;t have anyone I can reach out to for help. If you could maybe get 1 thing each for them so that there is something under the tree, I would be forever grateful. Thank you for even considering us. Merry Christmas.”

Child #1 : Boy, Age 10, interested in Mindcraft, Nerf, legos, bey blades, art supplies, board games. Winter clothing size xl 14/16 in boys, both pants and shirts. He loves sweats. Socks & shoes size 6 in big boys

Child #2: Girl, Age 16, She is interested in art supplies, books, sewing and crafting. (We have a sewing machine at home, and when everything shut down we got to work, and to date we have donated over 1500 masks that we have made, to our community free of charge since the pandemic began! We even got a small feature on The Wolf so that we could share how to make them at home as well.- …so she could also use cotton fabric, elastic, ribbon, and thread so we can continue to do so. She’s a size 0 petite in womens pants. She could use some winter clothing, shoes size womens 8, shirts womens extra small

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