“Hi My name is … I’m a mother of 4 beautiful girls. I just had a baby 7 months ago. she was born 2 months early. Having a baby during this pandemic is very stressful. My kids became very depress and worried. My oldest daughter is in therapy. I have been told I’m exempt from working and I’m waiting for services while going to my doctor. I would like to brighten my children holiday and bring them together but funds are very low. All I can afford is food and wash clothes and baby’s needs when possible. I receive food stamps. I don’t receive any child support or any support for my oldest daughters they are 12 years old and 7 years old besides food stamps. I also have a 2 year old and 7 month old and their father helps when he can. He lost his job due to the pandemic. My family size is 5 including myself. I receive a housing program. If you can help me please.”

Child #1: Bedding twin size, Pillow, Hat and gloves, Socks boots size 12 woman, She likes Art stuff, Journal, Towel, Soap and lotion, Long sleeve

Child #2: Girl, Age 7, Bedding twin size, Socks size 8, Long sleeves shirts size XL, Sweat pants size xL, Pillow, Hat and gloves, Boots size 8 1/2, Towels, She likes barbie dolls, She needs books for learning, Coloring books and caryons

Child #3: Girl, Age 2, Blankets, Socks size 3T, Pajamas 3T, Hat and gloves, Long sleeve shirts Size 3T, Pants 3T, Pull ups size 4T, She likes baby dolls

Child #4: Baby Girl, Age 6 months, Sizes 6-9months 9-12 months, Blankets and crib sheets, Socks, onesie, Bibs, Toys, Stroller

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