“I am a of single strong mother whom is raising 6 respectful children (currently have 3 college students: 2 studying criminal justice and 1 majoring in engineering). I lost my job during May of the pandemic due to me developing COVID and nervous of going back to work and getting sick again. I am receiving unemployment at its lowest amount per week and it is barely paying the bills. I had to split my children up to downsize my place of residence to make ends meet. 2 children are currently living down south with family. 4 of my children reside with me. Being that I have no gifts at all, anything is accepted and appreciated”

Child #1: Young Man, Age 19, New earpod or Apple Watch. Both items were stolen from him in college. I would really like to fulfill his wish but anything is appreciated. Winter coat- 3x

Child #2: Young Man, Age 18, Also a college student, whom is considering being a YouTuber. A camera to launch the start of his new dream would be awesome. Clothes of any kind (mainly like adidas joggers pants that stretch) size 2x or 3x. Winter coat : size 3x. Black Hanes T-shirts: size 3x

Child #3: Gamer headset & a gift card was my hope but anything offered is appreciated. Winter coat: size 14 boys

Child #4: Boy, age 8, This is my big baby boy. He still play with action figure and big remote cars. He wants to learn how to ride a bike for exercise being that he is overweight. Anything will make him happy. Winter coat: size 1x

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