“Single mom of nine kids The oldest is 29 the youngest is 6 we are having an extremely hard time during the pandemic facing eviction. Any little toy will help”

Child #1: Girl, Age 17, Clothes women size 8 pants medium shirt shoe size 6 sneakers 8 in women

Child #2: Girl, Age 16, make up any art supplies she loves to draw and see so anything crafty

Child #3: Girl, Age 15, any type of clothing items clothes size junior 5 shirt medium shoes women’s 8

Child #4: Boy, Age 13, Wants any type of video games loves basketball recently lost his dad through the pandemic just looking to make him smile clothes size 16 shoe size 7

Child #5: Girl, Age 11, clothes size 12 shoe size 3 lol dolls books nail polish journal scrapbook

Child #6: Girl, Age 9, wants lol surprise dolls Barbie dolls toys clothes size 10 shoe size 4

Child #7: Boy, Age 7, nerf guns racing cars he really wants a animal play set with lions he live lions his favorite animal clothes size 8 shoe size 1

Child #8: Boy, Age 6, clothes size 8 show size 12 Batman toys Batman figures anything Batman he loves Batman that’s what his Xmas list says Batman sheet set for his new bed I’m trying to buy him size twin sheets

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