“Hi my name is … and I’m a mother of 9 children. I have been severally impacted by covid this year. I lost my job as a school bus driver in March and my dad got covid and fought a hard batter in June on a ventilator and I lost him on July 4th. In October my husband got covid he beat it but has complications with diabetes now. In October I was hospitalized with him with suspected covid. I was negative but have had issues with my asthma since. This past week I buried my oldest sister who died of covid and my aunt now has it also. My children have suffered a lot due to this pandemic. Life as they have known it is not the same. My birthday is Christmas and I will be 40, this time a year I spend my birthday watching my kids enjoy the holidays I never had but that won’t happen this year. I’m praying for a miracle! I also have my one year old grandson because my daughter was in an abusive relationship and I had to take him so he be safe and she is relocating back to Newburgh with me. I trust God will make a way I pray you can help or someone will adopt my children I just want them to have some joy and smiles on the one holiday that all children look for. I don’t want them to lose Christmas too”

Child #1: Baby Boy, Age 1, Clothes 3t, Toy cleaning stuff (broom mop), Trucks and cars, Snow suits, Pampers size 5

Child #2: Girl, Age 6, Clothes 7-8 girls boots girls 2, Monster high dolls hat gloves coat lotion she’s a girly girl, Twin bed blanket underwear size 10 girls, Socks

Child #3: Girl, Age 7, Clothes 10-12 girls boots girls 4, Hat gloves scarves
LOL dolls make uP, Twin bed comforter, Lip gloss, Underwear size 12, Socks

Child #4: Boy, Age 8, Clothes boys /20 (husky) sweat pants no buttons he’s chunky, Dinosaurs ninja turtles trucks action figures, Coat boys 1x, Boots size 6boys, Underwear size 1x boys

Child #5: Girl, Age 12, Clothes size XL woman’s hat gloves scarves
Boots size 9 woman’s…underwear size 8, Coat, 1x woman’s, BTS music group
Perfume makeup lotions, Google play card for google apps

Child #6: Girl, Age 14, Coat 2x …..underwear size 8, Clothes 2x, Boots 12 woman’s hat gloves scarves socks, Lotion perfume, Google play card for online apps

Child #7: Boy, Age 17, White tee shirts (in package undershirts)large
Socks, Gaming keyboard

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