“Covid hit us hard this year. We have a special needs child and went from 2 incomes to one, and we are barely making ends meet. We are getting a little help from social services to keep our heat on, and help with food expenses. We are feeling down about Christmas this year as we are able to afford little to nothing”

Child #1: Boy, Age 11, He is really into gaming. His big want this year is a wireless headset for his ps4. He also likes nerf guns, and ps4 gift cards. He also would like a weighted blanket (12lbs max). He needs: pants (elastic waisted sweats are all I can get him to wear as he is autistic and has sensory issues) boys size 18/20 husky or a men’s small. Hoodies boys size 18/20 husky or men’s small or medium
Sneakers size 7

Child #2: Girl, Age 10, Little miss A is an easy to please sweet heart. Her wants this year are a skate board. Roblox gift cards, lol dolls, protection gear (knee pads, elbow pads bike helmet. Art suppliesHer needs are size 16/18 leggings and tops. Fuzzy socks (her favorite) shoe size 5, Sneakers size 5, Underwear size 18

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