“Hi I am a mother of 6 children 5 boys an 1 girl. I am married with only my husband employed as I stay home to care for the kids. With only 1 income an 6 kids things are definitely hard. My husband pays out 300$ a week in child support for his older son. Im suppose to receive child support for my 3 older kids but haven’t in iver a year which leaves my husband to do it all.”

Child #1: Boy, Age 14, Anything spiritual / hippie related. Led lights for his room

Child #2: Boy, Age 13, Led lights, Anything to build, Tools… He loves to make an build things, Head phones

Child #3: Boy, Age 11, Led lights, Legos, Baby yoda, Head phones

Child #4: Boy, Age 4, Size 5/6, Shoe size 11, Winter boots, Snow gloves
Anything paw patrol , blues clues

Child #5: Boy, Age 3, Size 3/4, Shoe size 9, Winter boots, Snow gloves
Paw patrol. Robots . blues clues

Child #6: Baby Girl, Age 1, 18 month clothes, Learning toys, Anything princess, Winter boots

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