“I am a single dad going through a nasty divorce and custody battle. She has kept my kids away from me for almost a year. I will finally get to see them for Christmas. I have been unemployed since the pandemic. Normally, I am a laborer and self employed. I have applied to dozens of jobs, but no luck. Any help would be appreciated. I haven’t been able to see my babies in so long, I am not even sure what they like anymore. Even if the gift cards are small, at least I can take them to get an outfit from Walmart that will fit. I am not expecting a lot. anything at all will help. Merry Christmas”

Child #1: Girl, Age 12, slippers, gloves, hat, maybe a gift card for Walmart to get clothes, earbuds, wireless speaker. Anything a 12 year old girl would play with

Child #2: Boy, Age 8, legos, slippers, gloves, hat, remote control car or truck, gift card for walmart for clothes – I am unsure of their sizes now :(, nerf gun

Child #3: Boy, Age 4, floor puzzles, blocks, slippers, gloves and hat, light up fire truck, gift card to Walmart for clothes

Child #4: Girl, Age 10, earbuds, apple charger, wireless speaker, anything Hunger games or Harry Potter, gift card for clothes. Her nintendo switch was stolen, she asked for a new one – I know that isn’t likely

Child #5: Girl, Age 14, apple charger, earbuds, wireless speaker, perfume, slippers, gloves and hat, gift card for clothes for Walmart. Along with her 10 year old sister, her nintendo switch was stolen by her mother’s new boyfriends brother. Her and her sister requested a new one, I know that isn’t likely. But, it said to put their wants.

Child #6: Boy, Age 16, apple charger, ear buds, wireless speaker, ps play time card, gift card for clothes at Walmart

Child #7: Young Man, Age 18, Football and exercise items, xbox playtime gift card, gift card for clothes, apple charger, earbuds

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