“This year has been rough on our family. My eldest brother, who was a Marine, passed away due to a brain hemorrhage. My husband & I lost our jobs due to covid. Unemployment is just enough to cover our rent.”

Child #1, Young Man, Age 18, Shirts xl/2xl Loves graphic t shirts and hoodies (star wars, Mandelorian, sarcastic sayings, science), Pants/jeans size 40/42
Twin xl Bedding, Shaving kit

Child #2: Boy, age 12, Asking for a tablet. Wears mens large clothing. Likes Star Wars, Leggos & Jurasic Park. Sheet size twin xl

Child #3: Boy, Age 9, Asking for a tablet. Loves Star Wars & Mandelorian. Likes wearing hoodies & graphic t-shirts. Also loves science & Bill Nye the Science guy. Bedding size twin xl

Child #4: Girl, Age 2, Child wears size 5t clothing. Leggings & tshirts are what she likes wearing. She loves dogs. Especially puppies. Also loves watching NY Yankees baseball. She loves baby Yoda. Twin sheets.

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