“Hello… This year has been extremely difficult for my family as we have lost my father to suicide and my husband and I who have been together for 18 years and married for 8 have separated. My father was very depressed and went through a lot of hard times until he could not take anymore and this has been very difficult for my son as he was always with him. Now with my husband and I separating it’s adding on to my kids heartache. I had to return to work and even with that I thought I’d be able to make ends meet and paying bills alone has been a huge struggle…. Due to me having to work again I have no child care since my mother lives in Fl. So my son who is 16 has stepped up tremendously and has been watching his two sisters. My 8 year old has been just as helpful with changing diapers and feeding her baby sister on top of having to log on to their classes. They are amazing students and have really helped so much. They play sports and just love each other so much… I’m asking if anyone would be able to help. With Christmas right around the corner I’ve lost hope in being able to get them gifts. I pray god blessed you with so much more and that you stay safe in this pandemic. I appreciate you taking the time to read my story and pray you have an amazing Christmas. “

Child #1: Boy, Age 16, the new Xbox, a pair of air pods clothes and sneakers. He loves shopping at Nike , lids and polo. (Of course this is extreme so I do not expect this) he wears a size small in men and size 10 in sneakers loves to eat and his life it basketball.

Child #2: Girl, Age 8, loves barbies and fuzzy blankets and pillows and shoes. She is asking for a pink laptop (I don’t even know if that exists ) barbies, clothes and sneakers. She wears a size 1 and a half in sneakers a size 8 in clothes and she has a twin size bed and loves playing with makeup.

Child #3: Baby Girl, Age 1, loves Minnie Mouse. She loves singing baby shark and is always dancing and playing with baby dolls. She wears a size 5 in sneakers and 24 months in clothes. She wears a size 6 in diapers.

We will appreciate anything I know what they are asking for is a lot so I absolutely do not expect those things.

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