“I am a single mother of two children who has recently become unemployed due to this pandemic. I have applied for unemployment but are still awaiting approval. I do not receive child support but have recently filed court papers for it. We have not had our court date yet. The only income that is coming in now is social security death benefits that my oldest child receives. I have applied for and do receive snap benefits now. Due to loss in my income, I am unable to bless my children for Christmas. This makes me feel really bad that I can’t afford to get them anything for Christmas. We’ve been through a lot this year and I just want to see my children smile. I would be so grateful to anyone who helped make that happen.”

Child #1: Girl, Age 13, She needs sheet sets for a full size bed. She also needs bras (size 32B) and panties (size 14/16 or xlarge in kids), undershirts (size xlarge or 14/16 in kids) and socks (for size 9 in lady’s shoes). Hat, gloves, scarf and boots (size 9 in women) are also needed. She wants the video game, Just Dance 2021 for her wii u. She also wants gift cards to Claire’s, Forever 21 and H&M.

Child #2: Girl, Age 10, She also needs undershirts (size 14 or xlarge in kids), bras (size 34B), panties (size 14 or xlarge in kids) and socks (for size 6.5 in big kids). She also needs sheet sets for a twin size bed (she loves LOL and Frozen). Winter gear is needed. Hats, gloves, scarf and boots (size 6.5 for big kids/youth). She loves/wants LOL dolls and all their accessories. She’s also into galaxy squishy dolls.

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