“Hi. Unfortunately this time of year has been really hard for my family. Late November we had to self quarantine. Because of one of my kids being positive for the Corina virus. So me being me and not trying to get the whole ulster county sick cause I work at Dominos. I stopped working. On the 8th I got her retested and she is still positive. So now the state has us quarantined til Christmas day. We have 5 kids total and can use a Christmas miracle.”

Child #1: Girl, Age 6, Socks, underwear, hat ,jacket size 7. She loves LOL DOLLS BARBIES. SHE REALLY WANTED HER OWN IPHONE SO SHE CAN TIKTOK. Needs boots size 11c

Child #2: Boy, Age 5, Socks underwear jacket hats gloves. Size 5t. He loves video games. Really wanted his own Xbox. Loves cars, dinosaurs. Action figures. He needs a pair of boots size 9c

Child #3: Baby Girl, Age 7 months, ocks. Diapers(size 4). Onsies. Clothes. Size 6 to 12 months. Needs. Baby toys. Teethers. Hats gloves.

Child #4: Boy, Age 11, Needs Jackets. Hats, gloves underwear. Socks. He wants his own game system. He likes Playstation. He is into basketball. Mostly football. Spiderman.

Child #5: Girl, Age 13, Bra sizes 34A underwear. Socks. Jackets She really wanted a iPhone to contact us and have communication with friends. She wanted a new TV. And a Nintendo switch

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