“I’m usually a very hardworking single mom but due to covid I’ve been home with my 6 kids full time. My income has shrunk to nothing and I’m in need of help this year for my wonderful kids. I’m currently not working. I get zero help from my kids’ fathers. They are not in he picture for reasons id rather not get into. I do get DSS which helps with food and rent. But everything else is up to me because I get unemployment which is $150 a wk for all of us. I’m responsible for my electric heat bill my wifi bill and whatever else we need. So as you can imagine its almost impossible. I’d be grateful for any help I can get. 2020 was our year to start fresh and rebuild in a better situation and unfortunately we got hit with covid and have been doing the best we can. We just moved into our 4 bedroom apartment. Thank you in advance for even taking the time to read about my family.”

Child #1: Girl, Age 9, Anything hair or make up related, Arts and crafts paint sets bead sets etc., Jojo siwa Zombies. She really loves to do nails and shes into lol dolls Also can use razors. Bras size 34 a needs new bedding twin size comforter set. Pillows. Shampoo conditioner

Child #2: Boy, Age 7, Like dinosaurs likes fortnite minecraft pokemon
Need new twin size bedding. Comforters. Winter hat and gloves Boots size 3 socks boxers size 10 new pillow sweat pants or joggers size 10 pull over hoodies size 10

Child #3: Boy, age 5, Like ryan like fortnite like paw patrol spongebob teenage mutant ninja turtles. Likes to draw color likes reading. Monster trucks. Needs new twin size bedding set comforter set hat gloves boots size 1 towels conditioner comb set he has long hair get braided often. Pull over hoodies size 7/8

Child #4: Girl, Age 4, Enjoys jojo siwa frozen zombies descendants 3. Like beads and barrettes for her hair. Needs hat gloves boots size 12/13
Sweatpants size 7/8, Pull over hoodies size 7/8, Needs new bedding twin size comforter curtians for bedroom windows nightlight, Slippers size 13

Child #5: Girl, Age 3, Enjoys Jojo ryan pj masks frozen paw patrol peppapig
Like bows and headbands for her hair, Loves slippers size 10 and robes size 5t, Needs sweatpants size 5/6, Pull over hoodies size 5/6, Gloves hats, Need twin size bedding comforter sheets pillow

Child #6: Baby Girl, Age 1.5, Needs crib sheets needs footie pjs size 18 months 24 months needs shoes size 6 sock diapers size 6 wipes sippy cups
Needscrib bedding blankets towels like sloths stuffed animals likes anything age appropriate as far as toys

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