“This is for my neighbor who never asks for help. She had a stroke back in June and is unable to work. Their income got cut in 1/2. As soon as they were back up on their feet they were hit with covid and the primary income couldn’t work due to quarantine and waiting for a negative test. As I was talking to her today she is so depressed because she can’t work, they have little income and just want to give there grandkids something for Christmas. They have too much pride to reach out so I told her I will do my best to help them. As she stood there crying telling me it’s okay it’ll pass my emotions haven’t. I want to be there secret Santa but need a little help. I really can’t do much on my own. I know a little about their granddaughters but since covid I haven’t been able to spend a great amount of time with the kids. They will be grateful for anything. I’ve never seen her cry or be emotional like today. I can’t sit back and not try to do something. I want her to feel excited happy and grateful that she’s able to see her grandkids.”

Child #1: Girl, Age 13, Likes girly stuff, jewelry but also like to get down in the mud with the boys. Gift certificates

Child #2: Girl, Age 9, Loves to be outdoors. Anything outdoorsy gift certificates

Child #3: Girl, Age 6, Gift certificates loves barbies and lols

Child #4: Girl, Age 4, Gift certificates loves Sofia the first

Child #5: Girl, Age 3, gift certificate

Family needs: Grocery store gift certificates

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