“2020 has been by far the hardest year yet! My husband has been officially deemed permanently disabled and disability has yet to approve him. My kids are the most humblest kid’s ever but I want them to get something for Christmas so that they can have a little bit of happiness after losing our last child. I had a stillborn in August at 32 weeks and it really hit my kiddos hard and I’ve been out of work since. Anything would put a smile on their faces and make my holiday a bit brighter”

Child #1: Girl, Age 9, She needs pajamas (size 14) and socks(shoe size 5Y). She wants OMG dolls, small Barbie house, and 18” dolls. Any of those would make her so happy

Child #2: Boy, Age 4, Special Needs, He needs socks(shoe size 11 toddler). Sensory toys without loud noises. He likes puzzles, crafts (safe for a special needs 4yr old) and would LOVE stuffed animals. He loves soft and cuddly stuffed animals. He has a love for cooking as well.

Child #3: Boy, Age 3, He needs socks(shoe size 10 toddler) , he wants trucks, hot wheel tracks, super hero dress up and he loves PJ masks especially Geico and would love clothes from them

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