“I submitting this for my daughter who is currently in (a) motel… and is struggling. She has 5 children and she’s feeling like less of a mother cause she can’t do for her kids. Normally I will pick up and help her but due to my job of 12 yrs closing its doors for good I’m unemployed and I can’t help. My wish is for my daughter and her kids to have a blessed Christmas and lack of transportation limits her badly thank you for considering my family for a Christmas miracle God bless”

Child #1: Boy, Age 16, Cosmetics n shoes size 9 sweats medium shirts large he is a skater boy type kid

Child #2: Boy, Age 14, shoes size 14 clothes sweats large shirts 1x n he loves video games

Child #3: Girl, Age 13, Shoe size 10 women clothes 2x sweats 3x hoodie and she loves doing nails n makeup

Child #4: Girl, Age 10, hoe size 8 women loves leggings and long tee shirts size larg with princess or melanin slogans shes a real girly girl who loves doing hair, nails and makeup

Child #5: Boy, Age 6, Shoe 3 1/2 -4 boys ,sweats large kids, size 8 kids shirt or hoodie loves power rangers, cars, fortnite toys stuffed animals

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