“In November I was abused and had broken ribs which caused my lung to collapse. I had a chest tube put in and 12 days after I left st luke’s I tested positive for covid-19. My little girl has been through heck as well. She has IBS and Crohn’s at 8. In March our apartment was set on fire and a roommate was stabbed 47 times in front of us. I just want my little girl to smile again, this year hasn’t been ours. I have a household of 4, waiting for SSI to be reinstated. So we have no income and will be evicted January 25th”

Child #1: Girl, Age 8, Fake nails, body spray, lotions, lol’s size 3 shoes size 10/12 in clothes 7 in jeans. Headphones, socks, a doll. Fidget items for her adhd. Fortnite gift card

Child #2: Girl, Age 17, Size large clothes, body spray, make up, lip gloss, size 9 in sneakers or 6.5 in boys. Purse, socks, lotion. Walmart gift card

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