“I’m a single mom of 3 kids and a granddaughter. I only make enough to pay bills. I am the only income in the house. We receive food stamps but no other help. I just need a little help this year with Christmas. Thank you.”

Child #1: Girl, Age 17, needs socks, winter gear gloves hat scarf coat likes makeup an jewelry

Child #2: Girl, Age 16, Winter gear, coat, gloves, scarf, boots, size 16/17 womens pants, XL shirts, underwear size 7 womens, bra size 38C, wants xbox game console, make up jewelry..

Child #3: Boy, Age 3, Coat, gloves, hat, boots, size 8 shirts, 4t in pants, 4t clothes / underwear 4t….. wants play guns, bubbles stuff, spiderman, Ryan’s toys

Child #1: Baby Girl, Age 1, Coat gloves hat boots 12 months size shoe size 2 for a baby …blocks, tattles, stuff animals, dolls, baby wash and shampoo

Household Needs: Soap, shampoo, conditioner, shavers, towels and wash cloths

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