“I’m a single mother taking care of my own kids and also my brothers, due to being on short term disability I can’t afford all the bills food and Christmas. It’s been a very hard year and I’m just hoping for the smallest big of a Christmas miracle! Thank you all and have a great day”

Child #1: Boy, Age 5, size 6-7 children clothes, size 1 shoes, Monster trucks, dinasours, race tracks, play doe clothes and shoes underwear socks nerf guns snow boot snow suit

Child #2: Boy, Age 2, Any baby clothes, shoes toys that light up trucks make music shoes size 6 infant clothes 24 months. Giant teddy bears snow suit boots

Child #3: Girl, Age 7, Baby alive, doll house, barbies lol dolls make your own bath bombs craft items. Snow suit snow boots

Child #4: Boy, Age 3, Monster trucks, blippi anything underwear baby yoda anything race track and toy cars remote or non remote, 5-6 size 12 shoes

Child #5: Boy, Age 14, Board games crafting stuff clothes shoes underwear size 32 slim medium size shirts large underwear’s a new comforter set for size twin bed phone case

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