“While my 2020 has not been as awful as some of the other families I’m sure have asked for help, it has been pretty terrible. I am fortunate enough to have a PT job, and glad for the income. I am also in the process of getting a divorce. My soon to be ex husband is on disability, so I will not be getting any child support, and divorce is expensive. I am either sleeping, working, or helping my kids with their school work. Online schooling doesn’t suit them and their learning issues, so that has been hard to deal with as well. I am very blessed to have a place to live and a car, but getting Christmas presents is almost laughable because there are bills to be paid. Due to Covid, my children never really leave the house. I was fortunate to not have to buy an entire new fall/winter wardrobe. I appreciate anyone taking the time to read this, and anyone who considers helping my children. Thank you.”

Child #1: Boy, Age 13, Books. Clothes (pants 34×32) (shirts L). Gift cards to amazon, walmart, etc. Legos. he is a tough nut to crack and if you have a 13 year old, I would definitely appreciate your best judgement.

Child #2: Girl, Age 10, Clothes! She’s a 16 in kid pants, 2 xl in kid shirts. Books. Art supplies. She loves dogs, cats and Roblox.

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