“Hello and Happy Holidays! I’m hoping to receive a little bit of help this Christmas session. I have always been employed and always worked hard. I always make it my business to make sure my children are always taken cared of especially during the holiday. Thankfully we were always blessed..
Unfortunately, this year may not be the case. I have been unemployed since April due to Covid. I was a travel agent at a wonderful agency but as you know travel has not doing well so they closed the whole office and let everyone go :/ I’m a single mom with 3 children now collecting unemployment which barely gets us by. Any little bit to help spread some holiday cheer in my home this year would be greatly appreciated.
My children understand mommy isn’t working which breaks my heart but they are so humble and we are just thankful to have each other around the tree vs what’s under it. Appropriate anything that can be done for them.”

Child #1: Boy, Age 7, He loves video games, legos, fornite, cars, monster trucks. Undies size 10/12, Socks shoe size 4, Could use winter boots snow gear

Child #2: Girl, Age 6, Barbies and lol dolls, board games, undies size 8, Socks, shoes size 1

Child #3: Girl, Age 5, Barbie dream house, barbies, jojo siwa, Cinderella. Undies size 8, Socks shoe size 13, Could use winter boots snow gear

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