“I would appreciate help this holiday season. I’m a struggling mother of three children. I don’t have any family support at the moment. I am in between housing. My eldest child lives with her father which leaves me alone the younger two. We’ve lived in four different places in the last 2 weeks. Covid affected my family both in finances and health. We were sick earlier this year. I have heart and mental health complications from it which make it difficult to work most days. I’m trying my best to see doctors but have medical bills from last year that I can’t pay. I am slowly trying to have a healthier life. Please pray for me. At basic necessities: I really need clothing for the girls and a grocery store gift card so we don’t have to worry about food costs. God bless you and your families. Happy holidays. Thank you!”

Child #1: Baby Girl, Age 9 months, Needs: clothing in 9-12 months, 12 months. Footed onsies, long sleeve shirts and pants, bibs, diaper rash cream, Aveeno face cream, soft hats, socks, needs a winter jacket in size 9-12 months, and a few soft hoodies/sweaters. Needs jar baby food and pouches in baby food,Handheld musical/teething toys, Books for babies that she can touch or small board books with baby faces

Child #2: Girl, Age 3.5, Needs 4T long sleeve shirts, dress tops, soft pants.
Really Wants: baby alive tinycorn doll, little girls makeup, LOL Dolls/Barbie
Big wish is for Frozen vanity table, There’s: Loves pink & Disney Frozen

Child #3: Girl, Age 8, She needs a hoodie in size 8 little girls, Tshirts for little girls size 7/8, size 8 leggings/soft pants, School supplies: spiral notebooks, Bookbag, Hair ties, hair bands, barrettes/bows, Wishes for: “Hatchimals egg Wow toy llama corn”, LOL dolls, Barbies color reveal, ready to paint kids canvas kits or Michael’s arts and crafts store gift card, Loves color blue, purple & Llamas, Jojo

Mom’s Wish: Diaper bag, Walmart/Target gift card for toiletries (deodorant, shampoo/conditioner, body wash), Underwear size L, slippers size 8.5/9
Grocery store gift card for food

**Anything at all would be appreciated. Thank you so so much for reading this and your generosity.**

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