“2020 has been a rough year on many people. For myself and two small children especially. I don’t qualify for any assistance and always have taken great pride in raising, caring and providing for my two children on my own and to the best of my ability. I lost my job in March due to Covid and have slowly fallen more and more behind ever since. In June I had surgery and upon being released was sent home to recover for 2 weeks in bed to heal… Our cars transmission went and I continued to feel helpless while the world was piling up on us. Losing our loved ones due to covid, holidays and birthdays restricted and cancelled to protect ourselves and others. In a sense I feel heartbroken because we were robbed of so many things and time we cant get back. I watched my young children understand things that most children should never endure. I’ve never been in a position to ask for help, and I feel extremely uncomfortable, but this year has taught me there’s a first for everything. For my children’s sake alone, I’m asking for help to put Christmas gifts under the tree for them that they so much deserve. Their year has been filled with such loss and I watched my two small babies still hold such a sparkle in their eye and stay so appreciative through the darkest of days. Thank you for providing this forum to speak about our personal story and giving me the chance to make my children’s Christmas special. My children are not only close in age, but they are close with one another as well. They have a special bond like I have never seen before and their days are spent together. Truly special and deserving kids. Thanks for considering us during this holiday season.”

Child #1: Girl, Age 4.5, Currently in a size 5t-6t in clothing and a size 9-10 toddler in shoes. For the most part I have always gotten her plain and simple clothing and shoes that I could prioritize and make multiple outfits out of. I do however get her sparkly and unicorn shirts that she loves because they go with a simple pair of black or colored leggings. She loves anything that glitters and sparkles and is a true girly girl. She sings from sun-up to sun-down. Has always loved music and singing. She loves unicorns, and playing dress up and make-up. Loves make believe, princesses and arts and crafts. She especially loves water and bubble bath and soaps that make bath time extra fun.

Child #2: Boy, Age 3.5, (*Tall and very advanced for his age*)Currently in a size 4t-5t in clothing and a size 9-10 in toddler shoes. Always have gotten him simple plain clothing and shoes that I can prioritize and make multiple outfits out of. He’s a typical boy-boy. He loves big monster trucks and remote control trucks/cars. He asks me daily to get him a remote control monster truck called monster jam “megalodon”. He’s always had a strong drive/sense of learning and picks up things that most 1st graders couldnt at their age. He gravitates towards electronics, such as kids cameras, Walky talkies, etc. He loves batman and super heroes. All emergency vehicles and trains has always been a favorite also. He also absolutely loves water and bubble bath and things that make bath time extra fun.

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