“I haven’t been able to work at my main profession because I was only a substitute aide in a school. With my kids being home more than half the week I have only been able to work part time retail at almost minimum wage. With my husband’s and my own pay we can barely make rental payments and keep our cars”

Child #1: Girl, Age 16, She is special needs. Loves coloring EVERYTHING. Also loves baby dolls. She wears an adult XS and needs pajamas.

Child #2: Boy, Age 12, Wears a boys 16 and adult small in shirts. Loves to draw and do computer graphic arts. Needs pajamas and socks.

Child #3: Boy, Age 10, Wear 16 Husky in Jean’s, 16 in sweatpants. Adult small shirts. Likes to play computer games on Steam and would love a Steam gift card. Needs pajamas and sweatpants

Child #4: Girl, Age 10, Wears a size 12. Likes LOL dolls, slime and crafting. Needs pajamas and pants (no jeans).

Child #5: Boy, Age 9, Wears a 14. Likes fortnite, Five nights at Freddys, Mario, and the Mets. Needs shirts and underwear. (No tags please, hes special needs and hates them)

Child #6: Girl, Age 6, Wears a 10. Likes LOL dolls, Jojo Siwa, unicorns, anything sparkly or glittery. Needs underwear and leggings.

Child #7: Girl, Age 2, Wears a 2T, size 7toddler in shoes. Loves dinosaurs, spaceships, Minnie Mouse, sharks, baby dolls and wooden blocks. Would like more blocks. Clothes are needed as well as socks and shoes. Wears both boy and girls stuff

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