“I am a single mother of 4 children….I was in an abusive relationship for most of the 19 yrs I was married to him. He never really provided for us. We always had 1 vehicle and would take it if I needed it and didn’t want me using it and never had my own money. Anytime that I needed something I always had to ask. Never knew what we had in the bank….wasn’t allowed to go out with friends…alienated me from my family….we separated for 6 months and I started to be able to do things on my own….he ended up sucking me back in thinking things would change.. of course no change just worse. So we decided to separate but try to live and co-parent together. Needless to say didn’t work too well. Well recently we had an incident where he hit me with my 1 year old in my hands and cps got involved. They made him have a restraining order against me (until friggin march…so I really don’t know what I’m going to do until then but I’m trying to take it one day at a time ) I used to have the help of his mother too and they are all taking it out completely on me and my children refusing to pay any bills…rent..electric..etc. As much as I don’t want to need him its became quite apparent I do. I have no car and no job so everything is extremely difficult at the moment. I would love to give my children a good Christmas. As well as myself maybe being happy for once. I’ve always done for everyone else and never ever got anything in return when really all I wanted was a friend and to be loved. I have my kids and that’s all that matters but to live and survive I have nothing. I’ve been going thru the channels of getting help from the government and it is taking forever might I say. I don’t know where I’ll be in the next few months or if ill get evicted but I just would love one special day and 1 special holiday where I can actually say I finally was able to give them what they so desperately deserve. Anyyyyy help would be so greatly appreciated. You have no idea what it would mean to me”

Child #1: Girl, Age 15, Let’s make it clear she would be grateful for anything as well as all my kids. But things she would want or need…..instax film, cold War video game, black uggs high boots size 10, Justin bieber cross, Victoria secret gift card bc she desperately needs bras (38dd..not sure tho), large underwear, loves Nike hoodies (large), North face (large) jacket, loves jewelry, gel nail forms kit…her clothing sizes are medium tops…large bottoms (loves Nike pants as well large. Socks…deodorant secret…..shampoo and conditioner..razors…nike slides…Burberry perfume that’s in Walmart

Child #2: Girl, Age 14, things she loves….anything Billie eilish, paint..paint brushes…apple ipad….ring light…Walmart gift card for necessities…Victoria secret gift card shes size 38 dd…medium underwear….medium shirts and pants. also desperately needs bras and underwear…Starbucks giftcard…deodorant…shaving razors….Burberry perfume

Child #3: Boy, Age 12, really wants Nintendo switch…ps4 mic….psn card…desk chair….light up keyboard….ugg boots for boys size 7 brown….ps4 remote…ring light…loves Nike hoodies and sweats size 16 in kids (medium)…..northface jacket…possible gift card for Walmart for necessities

Child #4: Baby Girl, Age 1, loves anything girly to be like her sisters….nike sneakers size 5…grow with me Graco carseat with lots of protection (we don’t have one right now and she really needs one) she’s size 18 months in clothes…poloriad camera and film…soft very soft blankets. Kid tablet….octagon fence or playplen

Mom needs: slippers, bed comforter (queen)

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