“We just moved into our new apartment on Thanksgiving after being in a dmv homeless shelter for 5 months. We need anything your willing to donate clothes, pots and pans spoons anything we do not care if its used. I am a single mom of 2 that left their dad and all of our things behind. We seriously have nothing. I am on disability and am trying to pay off credit 🙁 I only get a certain amount a month and can’t work due to my disability. Even if you can’t help i do thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you do its the most amazing thing in the world you guys are an inspiration! god bless!”

Child #1: Girl, Age 8, size girls 14, she needs socks, underwear, new shoes size 3, clothes size 14, they love anything christmas holiday-related Christmas outfits she always wants a special Christmas dress or pajamas each year, baby born, loves art and crafts and make up. she really wants santa to bring her home a kitten. (maybe a stuffed christmas one even tho ik she wants a real one lol), lol doll, lol house or a barbie house and barbies. again if these are used we do not mind ! she also loves play make up and anything sparkles and disney! and books she also loves decendants from disney evie is her fave any costumes? maybe or them on clothes. she loves journaling so even getting her a secret diary or any diary with a key would be cute too

Child #2:  size 7/8 hes a big boy and shoes size 11 and half shoe he loves christmas clothes too if you see anything with dinos he loves it or blipppi? is his fave show . or ryans world hes obsessed with them .he wants a big fire truck to play with or police cars. he loves hearing the sirens and says he wants to be a policeman or fire fighter when he grows up. he also loves finger paints and stickers. he needs socks clothes and hats and gloves. christmas ones would be awesome so him and sissy can have cute pjs or clothes to match ! he loves seeing santa everywhere this time of year .books he loves mommy and sissy to read him stories. maybe play dinos too he loves them.

Mom’s needs: Size 3x clothes (prefers mens joggers or shirts), socks mens size 10, coat 3x mens, hat, gloves

I will take anything used that can be washed. as long as its delivered. I do not drive thank you so much for all your help! I will take a used couch set as long as its bug free and animal free. ty so much. if not I appreciate it,”

Household needs: towels and wash clothes, couch set, anything that can be washed

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