“I am a single mother of five and it’s been extremely hard this year for me and my kids and now that I just had a new baby it’s been even harder with my boyfriend out of work due too the pandemic and not knowing when he will be back it’s been hard too make ends meet I feel terrible for the kids I hate that they know what’s going on and how hard times are which is why I am asking for help with Christmas any little bit of help would be a blessing my oldest knows what’s going on in the world and understands but my little ones don’t understand any of it but have said mom we don’t need anything this Christmas which really broke my heart”

Child #1: Girl, Age 13, Cloths she is a extra large in woman’s cloths she loves stretch pants n sweats n sweaters n really needs cloths n socks size 11 in woman’s socks n a coat she loves too read n draw so any drawing stuff she would love she also needs underwear size 9 in woman’s for underwear

Child #2: Boy, Age 11, Cloths as well and he loves sweats and sweaters too he is a a size 12 in boys large and he needs socks too he is a size 5 in boys for socks and underwear size 10 he wanted a new comforter set his bed is a queen and he loves gaming and football very big fan of football

Child #3: Girl, Age 5, She also needs cloths she is a size 10 in girls she loves colors and unicorns she also needs socks and underwear she is a size 4 in socks she loves baby dolls and barbies

Child #4: Baby Boy, 1.5 months, He also needs clothes he was just born (in October 2020) I don’t have much for him so anything would help

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