“Recently lost my job due to this virus and i am positive my kids xmas this year is going to be almost nothing if i cant find help. I missed cut off dates for other programs this is my last shot at getting then some gifts. Thank you for your consideration. We are grateful for anything to make our holiday season brighter. “

Child #1: Boy, Age 8, Need sweat pants hoodies size 1, Needs sock, Needs boxers size 1, Needs tshirts size 1, Needs full size bedding comforter, Pillows
Body wash and shampoo conditioner deodorant, He enjoys wrestling fortnite monster trucks nerf guns nerf bullets, Hat gloves jacekt size 16

Child #2: Boy, Age 6, Sweatpants or joggers size 6/7, Hoodies size 6/7, Twin size bedding blankets pillows towel, Enjoys ryans play house TMNT spongebob fortnite coloring painting play doh nerf guns and nerf bullets

Child #3: Girl, Age 4, Likes toy story jojo siwa frozen pj masks paw patrol, Needs sweatpants sweat shirts size 7/8, Pants size 7/8, Shirts or dresses size 7/8, Socks, Underwear size 10, Stockings, Headbands, Crib size bedding would be wonderful extra sheets and blankets pillows would be good too

Child #4: Baby Girl, Age 16 months, Needs diapers size 6, Wipes, Sippy cups
Socks, Lots Pjs with the feet size 18months to 24 months as we seem to have none. Enjoys music so anything age appropriate toys, Puppydog pals is her favorite right now. Also likes giraffes and stitch from lilo and stitch. Also need crib bedding extra sheets and blankets, Towels, Baby soap baby, shampoo baby lotion, Any kinda of headwrap for a almost 2ywar old she has a ton of curly hair not a fan of getting it done. Also mango butter for her hair

Household Request: Walmart gift card for future food & diapers

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