“I am a single mom of 2. This has been an extremely hard year for us financially mainly because of Covid-19 . I had my baby in March and was expecting to go back (to work) in 6 weeks and it ended up being 5 months. I am a waitress so my job was shut down completely from End of March until August. Hours have been half of what I used to work now and it has been difficult to try to find another job with trying to home school my daughter as well. We do receive food stamp assistance which helps, but times are really hard and I feel terrible this year not being able to get the kids much . Christmas is our favorite time of the year. My daughter’s dad moved to Florida at the beginning of the year and has not helped financially at all. My son’s father helps when he can and his family helps with child care but he was laid off from his job in October and he hasn’t been able to find any work. This is the first time I’ve ever reached out for help with Christmas, anything is appreciated. Thank you so much.”

Child #1: Girl, Age 6, She is a size 10-12 clothes. Size 13-1 shoe / boots. She needs new hats, gloves and scarves. As for any toys she loves arts and crafts. Baby dolls. Trolls and Frozen are her all time favorite!

Child #2: Baby Boy, Age 9 months, He is in a size 12-18 month clothes. He doesn’t walk yet but has shoes that are a size 3 but is growing quick so I’d say a size 4 soon. Size 5 diapers could always help and wipes. He drinks gentle ease enfemil. He loves Mickey Mouse and Elmo

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